Where I Can Promote My YouTube Channel Uniquely?

Stephen Turner
3 min readMar 31, 2021
Where I Can Promote My YouTube Channel Uniquely?


In 2020, the year of the Coronavirus pandemic, many people working in private firms and in institutions other than the government lost their jobs or eventually joined the “Work from home” initiative which was started by different governments all over the world to prevent economic failures. Consequently, many people while sitting idle at home decided to utilise this free time by showing their talent of different activities, both curricular as well as extracurricular.

Also, to overcome the shortage of money caused due to the loss of jobs, people were forced to earn money online. Hence, many people started making channels on YouTube to deal with these problems. Now it is greatly observed in surveys and YouTube analytics that a high number of new channels (approximately 7 million) are registered on YouTube every year however most of these YouTube channels are closed within 6 months or 1 year of their registration. So guys if you are also a small Youtuber with only 100k or less subscribers finding it difficult to keep up with the big YouTubers, then the solution to your problem is correct advertising and promotion.

Yes, my friends, the way you advertise or promote your YouTube channel also affects the love of people for your channel, that’s why I have presented some productive methods of promoting below:

Ways to promote:

Take the assistance of google ads for publicizing your channels

Take the assistance of google ads for publicizing your channels: Google runs a pay per add policy to help small youtubers and other platforms to attract users. All you have to do is design an ad, set up a budget and pay for it’s preview to google. Google will automatically preview the ad before a video or adjacent to a video on the watch page. You can replace your ad and alter your budget anytime you wish. You can also bring your promotion to a halt whenever it suits you.

Your audience must be picked out: As we all know, every individual has his or her own interests, so to attract the maximum number of viewers, you must preview the ads that contain YouTube content liked by the maximum number of viewers. Also, you must remember that the choices of individuals are also defined by the region they live in.

Produce effective ads

Produce effective ads: You should make ads in such a way and up to such a level that the viewers start liking them immediately. Some famous suggestions that have come up in most of the surveys are given below for you so that you can easily learn to make ads that are highly effective and impressive:

1) First and foremost, make your point clear.

2) Compel the viewers to watch the full ads by attracting them in the first 5 seconds.

3) Preview it in different styles or techniques.

4) Make the ads eye-catching.

5) Make sure that the content’s standard is the highest.

6) Lead the viewers into subscribing to your channel.

7) Make sure that the viewers get free time to think and act. They must not feel pressurized or compelled to act as per your wish.

8) The viewers must take you as a friend so put down a cordial title.



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