How to become a famous social media influencer?

How to become a famous social media influencer?

Social media is the most powerful influence in the whole world today. It would not be entirely false if we say that social media rules the universe today. People get money, fame, recognition, and celebrity status by being popular on any social media platform. Be it Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok, if you have got a massive following with you are a sort-after personality by the brands and advertisers alike.

So how can one become a social media influencer? Let’s find out through this blog.

Seven practice and easy steps to make you an influencer:

Seven practice and easy steps to make you an influencer

2. Get all your social media profiles optimized: Whether you have a singly social media profile or have profiles on every possible social media site, the main thing is to get all of those optimized.

If you want the social media algorithms to recognize your profile and show it to the targeted audience, your profile needs to be up to the mark.

Get all your social media profiles optimized

3. Identify and know your audience: The power of a successful social media influencer is his or her followers. It is the audience that makes or breaks you. You should know the likings and needs of your audience group. You should become their primary source of information for that niche. Your presence should always be there in every trending topic of that niche and group. The audience loves the loud and connects with people who are vocal for their likes and desires. To become the audience’s voice, and you would soon see millions connecting to your social media profiles to show their appreciation.

Create content that is unique and different

4. Create content that is unique and different: Today, there is an ever-increasing demand for fresh content. Trends which are popular today become a passé tomorrow. The audience has a massive hunger for new topics and trends. If you can fulfill that need and fill their vacuum for more unique things, then you can become their shining idol. Suppose you can provide your followers and targeted audience with a constant supply of quality and relevant content, in the form of pictures, videos, and other viral trends. In that case, you can get a massive surge in your followers to count.

5. The trick is to always be seen: The term of sight out of mind is proper for the social media universe. It is essential to be active and seen each day, every day, by your audience. There is so much competition present in every niche that your audience or followers shift to other creators or influencers if you are not functioning even for a day or two. Even if they don’t move, the algorithm present in every social media platform feeds them with content from other niche influencers. So there is every possibility of your follower’s base shifting poles and deserting you. So as a thumb rule in social media, if you want to be super successful and famous, you should always be present on the platform. You can plan your feeds and make an advanced content pool. But your account should still be alive with some excellent content or the other. Social media is a jungle. If you are not active, then someone would eat you.

6. Be interactive with your followers and targeted audience: As a human tendency, people like people who are responsive to them and personally interact with them. If you are an influencer, then make it a point to reply to every possible comment received on your feed. If your audience size is large and is not practical for you to interact with your entire audience, they also make it a point to give as many replies to your followers and well-wishers. The audience sees this and knows that you are respectful and care about your audience. This creates a bonding between you and your targeted audiences. Even a small gesture like liking their comments can go a long way in getting more followers.

7. Freebies, gifts, and competitions: Humans like gifts, and they like competitions. To get your audience’s attention and even the targeted ones, it is a great idea to organize something on your profile or feed that grabs people’s attention. Here are different ways through which you can attract more traffic:

  • Quiz or Poll: These are more effective on Twitter. You can post a question or a poll and ask people to submit their opinion on different matters related to the niche. It is an excellent source of customer engagement, and sharing can get you a large number of fresh followers and likes.
  • Discounts and coupons: You can give discounts and coupons to your followers and targeted audience. These can be got from your sponsors. It’s a win-win situation for you and your sponsors. As you get more and more audience and your sponsors get free advertising and potential buyers.


Becoming an influencer can change your life forever. Not only do you get popular but also get super-rich. So opting for a full-time carrier option can be a profitable bargain. Through the points mentioned in this blog, you can get a good start and attain your dream of becoming a social media influencer.



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Stephen Turner

SEO Expert. SERP Expert. Social Media Strategist. Love Reading books, listening music. Wine Lover.