Can I buy YouTube subscribers and views?

Stephen Turner
3 min readDec 11, 2020


You want YouTube subscribers to buy them. And this is, you suppose, a smart idea. Something within you tells you to wait, however.

You are fortunate. You’ve come to the right place.

It’s tempting, isn’t it, to buy subscribers? Indeed, it seems incredibly difficult to meet audiences in the beginning. But why don’t you pay for a channel boost for your first thousand subscribers?

We want you to be warned! It’s not the solution to purchase subscribers and views. This may be the thing that eventually kills your channel. You should always go ahead and buy subscribers, so the consequences will at least be known to you.

Can you buy authentic YouTube subscribers?

A thousand supporters will cost you 30 to 50 dollars on average, and you’ll pay 3 to 4 dollars for 1000 views. It’s incredibly inexpensive, but it can have catastrophic consequences.

Companies who sell subscribers and views may try to persuade you that your videos could be hidden under the content of more successful channels if your channel is empty. A base audience makes viewers more likely to like, comment, and subscribe.

It’s cheap!!!!

But let’s experiment with a little thought and imagine purchasing the first thousand of subscribers. You should get lots of views on your latest video now, shouldn’t you? Perhaps not, since these thousands of subscribers are not real subscribers.

Some people don’t subscribe to your channel because your content was appreciated, but because you paid them off. They could also be bots because they’re from some other country and don’t understand what you’re talking about.

What does YouTube see?

Now a thousand people are subscribing to your channel, you’re uploading a new video, and there’s almost no one clicking on it. So your channel looks worse than ever from a YouTube viewpoint.

That’s not a positive indication of thousands of subscribers, and only forty individuals click on the video.

You upload the next video. What’s next?

You’re going to have to pay them again and buy new feedbacks and opinions; otherwise, the YouTube algorithm would look bad in your video. You see where this is going, don’t you?

Consequently, you get into a loop where you’ll have to buy new viewpoints and likes; these sites are addicted to you. And that’s all they’re trying to do, of course. They want more and more and more purchases from you.

And you are going to! And they sell them so cheaply. Don’t forget: they’re not dedicated subscribers, these people. You’re not buying prospective clients. You buy fake numbers that carry no real meaning whatsoever.

Is it permitted to buy subscribers?

If YouTube discovers that you have purchased subscribers and thoughts, each of them will be taken away (YouTube does this quite regularly). This could lead to the entire channel being shut down in the worst case.

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