Are buying Youtube views legit?

Stephen Turner
3 min readDec 9, 2020


Same as purchasing Instagram followers, buying YouTube views is prevalent, but simply when you get legitimate service providers. Most websites profess to give thousands of subscribers and views, but once you spend your money, you will only receive a temporary surge. Those new subscribers will not last forever. There are many sites that will help with the research.

Every video uploaded on YouTube wants to hold many views. This will help in increasing the number of subscribers for the channel. Starting with many followers and views can help you go ahead with a progressive improvement of viewers. Once you get a reputable service provider, you will be able to instruct the company to provide the views steadily. The YouTube channel will receive a huge audience; therefore, the relevant subscribers and views will be received. Therefore, to gain YouTube views, you should consider planning for the paid campaign, as it will support the channel from the beginning. Updating your videos regularly is not adequate unless you get the necessary response from the network users.

But, when you don’t get a lot of followers from the day one, the dream of making a notable amount could be temporary. So, purchasing YouTube views could be the way out. The catch regarding the purchase of these views is that you must do this wisely.

The video must not have 100,00 views within a short span of time. It may trigger alarms about the way you are obtaining the views. When you increase the views gradually throughout the week, it will ensure your channel’s steady growth.

With a lot of suggestions, purchasing YouTube views is common and effective also. If you are rising as a newcomer, you need to depend on that for sometime. Still, there are a lot of apprehensions and doubts regarding the authenticity of the views offered on the web.

This could be an excellent investment that will improve the visibility of the YouTube channel. The investment can pay in the knowledge that you can get relatively more views and likes on the YouTube channel.

This is the most excellent way to hold the busiest channel. That is the reason why it is necessary to do the homework about websites offering trustworthy services when it is about providing permanent YouTube views. Whenever you receive a lot of views, the community could be improved, and the channel will receive a greater growth rate. The channels can start getting more likes and shares.


As you obtain more views, you will also receive more subscribers. However, it will be important to make high-quality content. You can’t depend on existing views all along. Purchased views can result in the channel’s organic growth only when the new viewers see the videos are worth viewing. The secret to becoming one of the YouTube sensations is picking the service provider to give a huge number of guaranteed views. You could also take the strategy to some next level by buying comments and likes on your video. They have a good impact on whether your video could rank among the trending list.



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